GOALS Loves Jolinda! Ode to a #1 Volunteer

Dynamic duo! Jolinda and Emilio doing evaluations at Destra

Dynamic duo! Jolinda and Emilio doing evaluations at Destra

An important landmark for GOALS passed quietly a couple of weeks ago. Jolinda, who is a full-time in-country volunteer, celebrated her one year “GOALS-iversary.” Jolinda has been a one-of-a-kind addition to our team in Leogane and has made an enormous impact over the past year. She leads on-the-ground activities in Haiti in addition to public outreach efforts, and in a recent staff “visioning session” led by PwC consultants from the UK, she was often cited as one of GOALS’ key assets. Jolinda is a powerhouse. In the past 6 weeks alone she has:
  • Organized a mobile clinic with United Nations doctors to provide care for over 100 people in Destra
  • Created evaluations to measure literacy, progress in English class, and how GOALS has affected players’ self-confidence and well-being
In addition, Jolinda has coordinated volunteer projects, taught her regular English classes, and is now working closely with Klinik Kominotè to organize a special health clinic for adolescent girls on March 7!
Visiting the Citadelle in Cap Haitien!

Visiting the Citadelle in Cap Haitien!

Highlight’s from Jolinda’s first year with GOALS! The real timeline is much longer, but here are some of my favorites: In short, GOALS loves Jolinda! She truly is incredible and has elevated our programs in Léogane to a higher level. She has helped magnify our impact, empower our staff, and increase the difference we can make in kids’ lives. On behalf of our staff, our kids, and Team GOALS – mèsi pou gran sevis ou, Jolinda! GOALS LOVES JOLINDA!  Want to keep in touch with GOALS? Sign up to receive monthly updates

3 Responses to “GOALS Loves Jolinda! Ode to a #1 Volunteer”
  1. Shanna says:

    As someone who knows the amazingly magical powers of Jolinda and the incredibly positive impact of GOALS, I have to admit that I can’t think of a better combination anywhere! Congrats to you both on having found one another and for continuing to be the great influences you are. With love and so much respect!


    • goals_admin says:

      Shanna, thank you so much! Jolinda does indeed have magical powers. Thank you so much for the support, and congratulations on the amazing work you’re doing in NY! — Kona

  2. Dylan says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself! I love reading about Jolinda and GOALS thriving. Felisitasyon, cheri!