8 days till school starts!

School starts in Haiti next Monday, and it’s an exciting time! Tailors are busy sewing school uniforms, a few lucky kids are walking around with shiny new backpacks and the local markets are full of pencils and notebooks. But if you’re a parent who can’t afford tuition fees, this can be the worst time of year, and if you’re a child who won’t be able to go to school, it’s a time of worry, frustration and despair.

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GOALS provides tuition support to 28 young men and women who have demonstrated that they are the best of the best among students in Leogane, Haiti. These children have worked hard to stay in school, despite all the hurdles of growing up in poverty. They bike or walk across muddy roads for an hour or more; they sit in hot, sweaty and cramped school buildings in the heat of the day, and sometimes, their families go without eating in order to afford tuition costs.  

They are well deserving of our help, and I hope you’ll agree that they’re also deserving of yours.
Two very generous donors have offered a matching grant to help us make a last-ditch effort to keep our commitment of helping these 28 boys and girls graduated high school. Why a matching grant? These two supporters are ready and willing to donate up to $2500, but they want to inspire more people to give, in order to double their impact!

From now until September 8th, every dollar you donate to our Dream Team school tuition fund will be doubled, thanks to these fabulous supporters.

Click here to help send children in Haiti to school.

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Meet our students, linked below, to see photos and read their stories in their own words. I hope they’ll inspire you as much as they inspire me!

Click here to help send Bettina, Elcie, John Addy and ALL these children to school.

Not sure how much to give? Even $10 or $20 will help send these children to school, but it you’d like to give more, here’s a rough breakdown of costs:

$35 – School uniform
$50 – Books for the year
$75 – Bicycle for kids in rural areas
$125 – Transportation for the year (some kids can’t ride bikes)
$350 – Tuition for the year

As always, thank you for believing in a better future for the children of Haiti with GOALS.

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