About the Destra Community Center

Construction has already begun on the new GOALS community center, but it’s not too late to support the project! Click here to make a donation, or, read on to find out more about the vision, the community and our partnership with Building Goodness Foundation. Thank you for your support! About the community of Destra: 
Destra is particularly remote. With no cars in the village, the nearest paved road is a 30-minute walk. There is very little commerce and no jobs, no schools, clinics, markets or churches. Most families survive on less than $2 a day. There has never been any electricity or running water.

As the first and only central structure in the community, visiting doctors and nurses will use the GOALS community education center for mobile clinics, community leaders will hold elections and debates within its walls, and the project will bring jobs, commerce, new life and new hope to the community, in addition to providing a safe space for GOALS activities.

Destra Beach Clean-Up

Beach clean-up day in Destra

GOALS has been active in Destra for more than five years. In that time,  few people have fully recovered from the devastating effects of the January 2010 earthquake. Many families are still living in the same tarp structures GOALS helped secure and construct post-earthquake. Despite being a small, grassroots organization, GOALS has mobilized the village of Destra to organize the construction of a public toilet and built shower stalls so women and girls can bathe at the public water source with privacy and dignity. Dozens of children have returned to school on a GOALS full tuition scholarship. GOALS’ programs have impacted 6400 people to date, and 150 households in Destra participate in GOALS programming each month.  

Destra's first public toilet!

GOALS has previously constructed public toilets and shower stalls in the village.

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About the building:
Unlike much post-earthquake construction in Haiti, the GOALS community center is a permanent facility designed to last for hundreds of years. Every aspect of the building is compliant with US building codes, guaranteeing its ability to withstand both hurricanes and earthquakes over a long time period.

GOALS participants, staff, and community partners in this area have provided input and helped shape this project from day one. More than 100 people from the Destra community attended a town meeting this fall to discuss the building, ask questions, and give their input. 100% of participants voted in favor of the project.

About the costs:
Building Goodness Foundation recruits volunteers with professional expertise to donate their skills pro-bono. The GOALS community center was designed by a team of volunteer architects and engineers, and the entire project will be managed by a volunteer project manager. Where local construction skills are lacking, volunteer carpenters and masons will visit Haiti to train local crews in these techniques. This approach keeps overhead low while still producing a high-quality and durable structure. Click here to see how your donation will be spent.

  crop7 About the partnership:
Building Goodness Foundation
 connects construction professionals with communities in need around the world. With fifteen years of experience on the ground in Haiti and a commitment to hiring and training local staff, Building Goodness Foundation is the perfect partner to help us realize the dream of a GOALS Community Education Center.

GOALS uses football as a tool for development, improving lives and communities on a daily basis and developing leadership for the future. Over 600 youth a month participate in GOALS’ daily sport, nutrition, education and health activities. Founded in 2010, GOALS is a full-time and permanent organization based in Leogane, Haiti.

About your donation:
GOALS needs to raise $30,000 to purchase materials and to hire local laborers to build the Community Center. Our construction partner, Building Goodness Foundation, works with professional volunteer architects and engineers who donate their skills pro-bono, and the entire project will be managed by a volunteer project manager. This reduces overhead while still producing a high-quality structure and jobs for local laborers.

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Here’s how your gift will be used to construct the GOALS community education center:
  • $50 hires a Haitian carpenter for a week
  • $125 feeds the local construction team for a month
  • $225 purchases power tools used for construction
  • $375 furnishes the building with desks and chairs
  • $1250 puts the entire roof on the building!

Thank you for your support!

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