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Pictured: Kona Shen, March 2010 (Photo credit: Yvette Acevedo)

We want to hear from you! Email: Or, leave a comment below. Please send mail to: GOALS Haiti 1201 Tree Bay Lane Sarasota, FL 34242 
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  1. Vanessa T. says:

    Dear GOALS,

    My name is Vanessa and i am a thirteen year old girl from Massachusetts in the U.S. I play soccer all year round for a soccer club and i have been playing soccer since i was 5. I don’t know what i would do without the sport because it is how i have met most of my friends and it is how i spend most of my time. I go to a catholic school and we are always learning how to help others. When i hear about the people in other countries like Haiti and the things you do it makes me wish i was right there with you helping out. I always am trying to find ways to help people and i think it is amazing what you do. I just want to thank you for being so inspiring and i hope one day i can be a part of something like GOALS.

    Sincerely, Vanessa

    • klshen says:

      Hi Vanessa,

      Thank you so much for your message, it is great to hear from you and it sounds like you’re part of an incredible team. If your coach and teammates are interested, there are many ways you can become involved with GOALS. If you’d like to learn more about organizing an equipment drive or supporting a local girls’ team here, please email us at and we can send more information.

      Thank you for your interest in GOALS, we love hearing from you!

      All my best,

  2. Nick Smith says:

    I had a chance to meet Kona Shen in person and see the work of Goals Haiti in action on a recent trip to Léogâne, Haiti. This is an amazing organization founded and led by one of the most incredible young american women I have ever met. What Ms. Shen is doing for the children of Haiti and their communities is innovative, unique, and as important as any of the other great work being done to help improve the lives of the Haitian people. Please support this organization’s efforts to improve the lives of Haitian children through organized sports, community building, and youth leadership programs.

    Nick Smith
    Director, Information Technology
    New York Times Regional Media Group

  3. Nathaniel Galea says:

    Thank you, GOALS. The world needs much more of this. Keep up the good work.

    Nathaniel Galea

    Volunteer Trip Leader and Construction Leader,
    Building Goodness Foundation

  4. Fernando Montana says:

    Hello, my name is Fernando Montana, and I am a seventh grader at Atlanta International school. I love soccer, and I play in a club all year round. In my school, I am starting a soccer equipment drive, and since so many people play soccer in my school, we won’t have trouble with getting donations. My mom has connections with an orphanage in Haiti, and I was thinking about getting a bunch of soccer equipment and sending it to them. The only problem is that it would be difficult for me to organize teams for the kids and distribute the equipment, so instead, I would like to donate the used equipment to you guys. We will start receiving donations this week, so please contact me back about how to send it to you. Thank you.

    • klshen says:

      Hi Fernando, thank you for organizing an equipment drive! We really appreciate your donation and will send you the location of the nearest GOALS organizer who will send the materials down to Haiti. As soon as you email us with your address, we’d be happy to send you the details.

  5. Mazen says:

    Hello. Do you have any contacts in Canada?

    • klshen says:

      We do have some contacts in Canada, but are always interested in getting in touch with more people. Feel free to email us with more information, and thank you for your message.

  6. Tipierre Bavon says:

    I truly believe this is an EXCELLENT initiative to provide some kind of support to the youth in Haiti through the practice of Sport, particularly Soccer (Football). This initiative has a lot of benefits for the country in a long term range. It will give to the children involved the objectives they will need to grow in life. This program has also some positive impacts on the country economic, social and environmental development.

    Although it’s a very good initiative, as we know the situation actual of the country, we ask ourselves is it true that People are there to help? or Is it a way of making a living? Most organization operating in the island at this moment doesn’t have an address of contact, a phone, a Name of Person, or they don’t list their staffs for people to know who they are. Mostly, when such organization exists in Haiti, they don’t provide any report at all of their financial position. No one will know what they receive from donors, what they did with these donations, How many kids were benefiting form programs, and mostly what PROGRAMS they have Truly available for these kids. Haiti today is not Haiti in 1980s, where organization can ask for support and doesn’t have to give any feedback to the donors or the community.

    My view is different in that regard. When we are doing something Positive, we don’t have to hide behind something. We give our name, address, contact information, our position within the organization and our background. I believe presenting ourselves this way is excellent to show that we are there truly to help and not to profit from a situation.

    Again, I will say this is a tremendous initiative to help in developing the Youth and giving them the Support which will assure their bright future. “Bravo”! Continue to Excel in that Regard. The Youth of Haiti need a Good Organization in that regard to help them. But remember as all serious organization does, they will report to their community and mostly their donors of their financial position.

    Your Supporter,


  7. jacob obiero says:

    i am very happy for you people with what your doing for those kids.and i know you will help them develop their talents.

  8. D T says:

    Hi, do you take individual soccer jerseys and matching socks? This is a great program and it would be great to suggest our soccer team to all donate their jerseys at the end of the season.

    Thanks for this!

    • goals_admin says:

      Hi, great question! Individual soccer jerseys and matching socks would make great donations. Thanks for you interest, and please let us know if you need any further information.

  9. Mark Wiersma says:

    Hello friends, 7/22/2013

    My nephew in Seattle, Washington, USA, knows of my long standing interests in and familiarity with much of Haiti. He forwarded your job posting to me so that I might pass it along to others. I am delighted to see the rounded nature of your purposes, goals and strategies.

    Before I would pass the posting on to others, I’m urging you to include a date of ORIGIN for the posting and at least a PROJECTED date for when you anticipate closing it. Without that kind of information, I’m afraid that some excellent candidates may very well pass it by without inquiring farther, thinking that it’s out of date. Those two dates would be standard information. Not seeing either one, people with the experience you are seeking might very possibly not take the posting seriously.

    Good hunting! I’ll take a look at the posting again in a week or so. I am eager to pass it on broadly.

    Mark Wiersma
    International consultant for the development of primary school education

    • goals_admin says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your comment and helpful remarks. This job was posted in June and will be closed at the end of August. Thank you for sharing!

      Warm regards,

  10. Danielle says:


    I am 20 and have played soccer since 3rd grade. It is my passion and my dream is to be a soccer coach. Is it possible for me to join your program (work/volunteer/intern) in Haiti?



  11. steve pereira says:

    I am a coach and both of my boys have played soccer for 6 or 7 years; anyway, I have amassed a fair amount of used equipment and I would like to pass it on to another child versus our landfill. Can you please send me info on where/how I can donate our soccer equipment?

    Thank you,
    Steve Pereira

  12. Maria Burkhalter says:

    Would love the opportunity to work with you all! Please let me know how to apply.

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