Dream Team Scholarships

Dream Team, class of 2010

The Dream Team scholarship program focuses intensively on a select number of participants who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment to their communities within GOALS’ youth development programs, and help them complete high school and prepare for future studies and careers. About the Dream Team
  • Students are selected through a rigorous application process. Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, commitment to local development, demonstrated leadership skills, and financial need
  • Scholarships are offered to students in rural communities in the Léogane area
  • In exchange for scholarships, Dream Team members perform extra service projects
  • In 2010, GOALS awarded 10 scholarships to its inaugural Dream Team class. In 2011, Jovan Julien raised over $10,000, and GOALS awarded 23 scholarships to the Dream Team. In 2012, The Child Survival Fund granted $12,250 to fund 28 scholarships, allowing the Dream Team to continue to grow
  • The Dream Team is coordinated by Leogane Coordinators Emilio Jean Paul and Jean Kendy Estimphil
The Importance of High School
  • Only 52.9% of adults in Haiti are literate
  • Secondary school enrolment is 19%, and even low school fees are unaffordable for families in rural communities
  • High school graduates have better health, increased future earnings, and healthier families as adults
Program goals
  • Select motivated young adults who demonstrate exceptional leadership skills and offer them opportunities to excel
  • Graduate students who are capable of identifying local problems and creating solutions to improve quality of life in their communities
  • Increase access to education and provide new opportunities young leaders in rural Haiti
To maintain Dream Team membership, scholarship recipients are required to maintain high grades, participate fully in all local GOALS activities, and contribute extra hours of service to their community. Dream Team students meet regularly with GOALS staff to check in about their lives. In addition, GOALS staff meet monthly with our partner schools to check on students’ work and attendance records, and review any concerns or questions that arise.
2 Responses to “Dream Team Scholarships”

    Dear Comity Members of Dream team.-
    It’s very wonderful for me to see your responsability in something very important for our Country because everybody know education is the first thing in Country.For that i would like become a facilitate for this program begain in our Department(plateau Central),there are necesity in education in our department.

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