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Washing hands before the program starts

WHAT IS GOALS HAITI? GOALS Haiti is a registered American non-profit organization (EIN 27-3869911) operating in Leogane, Haiti. GOALS uses soccer to engage youth in community work that improves their quality of life and develops new leadership. Want to know how GOALS got started? Read Our Story here.
Using sport is an effective and creative way to engage youth in meaningful development. Sport has long been considered “a vehicle for social change,” and the United Nations calls it “an important tool” for development. Sport has been used worldwide and is often used to promote peace, health, and equality. GOALS is one of the only organizations worldwide applying sport to environmental issues. To learn more, check out our Resources page. At GOALS, we use a simple framework to implement soccer as a development tool. For more information on our work and program values, go to About GOALS.
  • First, in order to play soccer, kids need a safe, clean, and healthy environment. As a result, we clean up litter in public areas, support local trash collection, and recycle old materials by reusing them for new projects.
  • Second, in order to play soccer, kids need strong, healthy bodies.  As a result, we work with families to plant vegetable gardens, provide a daily snack or meal, and improve health by hosting mobile clinics and educational seminars, promoting hygiene, and constructing temporary shelters and public sanitation facilities.
In order to benefit from the GOALS soccer program, kids must contribute to the program and their community by engaging in all of our activities. This means that when kids come to our programs on any given day, they may wash their hands, help pick up trash, discuss what qualities leaders demonstrate and play soccer. What’s the best part? While kids are changing their lives and making a difference in their community, they’re having fun!
The GOALS team currently consists of 10 in-country staff, 4 board members in the United States, and volunteer interns in the United States. Check out Team Goals here.
Local soccer teams practice each afternoon when players have returned from school. Daily activities include soccer, community service activities, education, and a snack or meal. Community service activities include local litter control, working in the team’s vegetable garden, and outreach to younger kids in the community. Education includes weekly classes and workshops which focus on subjects including English, first aid, computer skills, water purification, water and sanitation promotion, and household vegetable gardens. Summer camp schedules are similar, and last from 8am-12pm to allow for more time for each activity.
GOALS works with over 500 children through its daily soccer programs and boys and girls soccer teams in Haiti. Our full time sites are located in Leogane, and our outreach sites are located in La Coline, St. George, Magandu, and Cite Soleil. Most of our projects impact players’ families as well – as the average GOALS soccer player has an additional seven residents in his or her household, GOALS is indirectly affecting an additional 3,500 people.
GOALS is unique in its emphasis on developing local capacity and youth leadership. Read about our youth leaders in this past update. 9 of the 10 GOALS staff members are Haitian and work in the area where they grew up. We train local residents to conduct census surveys and needs assessments, hold a weekly public town meeting in all program sites, train local volunteers, and develop new young leaders, who are eligible for academic scholarships through our Dream Team. Read more about our Dream Team here. “GOALS doesn’t do charity. Our work is driven forward by the community’s needs and the community’s own contributions. This is aid dependency in reverse: in Destra, GOALS relies on the community to organize, support, complete, and then maintain projects. [GOALS’ work] is showing that we can improve the way people and organizations tackle development work, from soccer and gardening to toilets and houses.” – Kona Shen, GOALS Founder & Director HOW DOES GOALS FINANCE ITS WORK? GOALS is a non-profit organization and funds its activities through individual donors. In addition, smart partnerships and community volunteers help minimize operating expenses. In 2011, GOALS’ average monthly expense totals $5,000 to pay for all program costs, including materials, payroll, and administrative costs. In 2011, GOALS used 76% of its budget on average to directly support our daily programs. Donate to help GOALS Haiti. WHY SUPPORT GOALS HAITI? GOALS is a unique organization in many ways. First, it is the only full-time youth and community development organization in the areas where it operates. This means that the kids in our soccer and football programs have no other opportunities and resources through non-profit organizations to participate in recreational and educational activities in their neighborhoods. While there are many excellent soccer-based clubs and organizations in Haiti, GOALS is the only permanent soccer-for-development organization that offers a program where all kids are welcome, and participation isn’t based on try-outs or competitions. Second, GOALS is unique in that it invests heavily in the local staff that operate the programs. 9 of 10 staff members are Haitian, and now work in the same areas where they were born and raised. GOALS works closely with our local staff team to develop skills, organize activities, and monitor the sites’ performances. In this way, GOALS is increasing local capacity for change by developing practical leadership skills and offering new opportunities for these leaders to make a big impact on their communities.  Third, GOALS’ focus on the environment is an important reason that we are improving quality of life on the ground, and setting ourselves apart. Matt Streng, Director of Programs at Grassroot Soccer, writes that: “What makes GOALS Haiti unique is its creative and participatory use of a sport-for-development approach to address immediate and long-term environmental issues.” Finally, GOALS is a small organization, and your support will go a long way in our programs! 100% of all donations go directly to our youth programs in Haiti and your support will allow us to increase the number of participant in our activities.
There are 3 important ways you can support GOALS, enabling us to work with more kids in Haiti. For more information about how to donate, whom your donation helps, and more, please click here.
  1. Tax-deductible donations. GOALS is a registered American charity, ID #27-3869911. Donate here. You will promptly receive an official letter recognizing your donation. 100% of your donation goes straight to our programs!
  2. In-kind support: donated equipment, supplies, and services. Email:
  3. Raise awareness. Help us grow by sharing our website address (, subscribing to the site, and liking us on Facebook. 

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