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August 23, 2016: It’s back to school time in Haiti!

All children deserve an education, but in Haiti, only 20% will ever attend high school and fewer still will graduate. It’s been 5 years since GOALS started giving teens the boost they need to graduate high school. And our investment has paid off. In 2014, Cassandra was the first person in her entire village to finish school, and last year, thanks […]

In memory of Ansito Laguerre

July 13, 2016: In Memory of Ansito Laguerre

Anyone who has spent time in rural, impoverished areas is no stranger to tragedy, and GOALS is no exception. We do everything we can to help our children grow up stronger, healthier, smarter and happier through our sport, health and education programs, but the barriers and injustices of poverty can sometimes overwhelm us. Ansito Laguerre […]

Party time! A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!

April 22, 2016: Welcome to the new GOALS center!

GOALS began with a dream that children living in poverty in Haiti would grow up healthy and strong, with new opportunities to play, and plenty of reasons to hope for a better future. It’s a dream that the love of soccer can be used to create a better life – not just for a week […]

Snack time at GOALS with bread from our very own bakery!

March 28, 2016: How the GOALS bakery creates new opportunities

Bossan is a rural, poor and vulnerable area where GOALS has worked since 2011. Families subsist on fishing and agriculture, with little opportunity for formal employment. Like many places in Haiti, food security is a challenge as resources are scarce, and children often go to bed hungry at night. But children can’t grow, play or learn […]

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March 16, 2016: Meet a GOALS family

We often share stories of children whose lives have been transformed through GOALS’ programs and the power of sport for development (such as Olsen, Esteri, and all our students). But what about their families? How are their families and their daily home lives changed? Read on to find out!  Meet Andremene Desir. Madame Desir was […]