About S-3 Soccer Clubs

The GOALS’ “S-3″ is our sport-for-development model for local soccer clubs in Haiti which focuses on Soccer, Community Service, and Educational¬†Seminars. These neighborhood boys and girls soccer teams are organized by a paid local coordinator, who is responsible for the team’s soccer, service, and seminar activities; its equipment; and its weekly budget for food, water, and transportation.

Each soccer team has 25 players and a paid coordinator. In Leogane, there are currently 4 boys’ teams and 4 girls’ teams. To learn more about sponsoring a kids soccer team, please go to How to Help.

The teams are required to maintain their membership in GOALS by participation in the S-3 model. Each week, the teams are required to play at least 8 hours of soccer, conduct community service projects, and attend an educational class.

Soccer activities typically include conditioning, drills, and matches. Community service activities may range from working in the team’s vegetable garden, organizing activities for younger children in the area, and picking up litter in public spaces. Service projects may be adapted to fit the team’s skills and interests, as well as the community’s needs. Past successful projects have included using discarded tires to build a community meeting area, and stringing plastic bottles on wire to create colorful fencing. Educational seminars cover a range of topics, including English and health. This is sport-for-development in action helping kids in Haiti!

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